HARRY NELSON is a relatively young person living in New York City. He attended Purdue University, and received an MFA from Long Island University Brooklyn’s TV Writer's Studio.

He is currently seeking gainful employment in the television industry. You can read his RESUME here.


Feel free to enjoy him elsewhere on the internet:



This was filmed in the summer of 2010. I carried around a camera and filmed my friends and edited to a song. That summer I graduated college and moved in by myself. I'm pretty proud of it.
Song: "Ballad of Moose Bruce" by Born Ruffians


Some things I've made and put on Youtube:

1) A short stop motion project for a video art class in college. 2) A music video I edited from an old episode of "Eerie, Indiana" for a band called Tele/visions. 3) 40-second edit to a song by Javelin I made to get it out of my head. 4) Bonus Brian-Keith. 5) A scene from Mad About You I receded on VHS and re-edited to be more emotionally impactful, for some reason. 6) A second music video for Tele/visions, this edited from a film called "Trust." 7) Documentation of a video art piece I did with Fabian Winkler at Purdue University.

More Youtube videos here.


A video I edited with Luke Meyer of SeeThink Films for Avant Garde Diaries about the New York based child metal band Unlocking the Truth. The video gained over 1,000,000 views and was nominated for Best Documentary Short at the 2014 SXSW festival.


From 2005 to 2012 I carried a camera and recorded my life and friends. This video comprises footage from over seven years of those clips cut to just over three minutes. I also incorporated the datamoshing video art technique (see below) to moderate success. It starts loud and gets meta.
Song: "Baseball Cards" by Wavves


Two final videos:
Left) Interview with traveling campus evangelist Brother Jed I shot and edited for the Lafayette Journal Currior’s now-defunct blog boilercamp.us.
Right) Video I made to learn the video art technique datamoshing.


More videos at my Vimeo page here.

If you're here to see videos I made in high school click here.













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